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Lachlan Sweet, Graphic Designer, Branding, Packaging, Social Media, Adelaide, Australia, Branding, Photography.
Hello, i’m Lachlan, a freelance graphic designer from Adelaide, South Australia who specialises in brand identity, packaging design and everything in between.

I collaborate with brands, agencies and like-minded individuals to create thoughtfully crafted visual experiences.

With over four years working professionally in the creative industry, I have developed an extensive skillset across all forms of creative work spanning across a wide variety of industries.

After working in an in-house role throughout the ecommerce industry, I made the decision to launch my career as a freelance designer. This has provided me with the rare opportunity to build a tight-knit connection with my clients bound by creativity and a people-first approach.

Brand Identity
Brand strategy
Creative direction
Digital advertising
Digital design
Event branding
Graphic design
Marketing strategy
Print design
Product photography
Research + insight
Website design

Selected Clients

Beefcakes & Shakes
Beefy Birrias
Express Pods
Flawless Finish Painting
Healthy Heads
Love Handles
Midsec Financial Advisors
Pod & Parcel
Press On It
Rose St Pantry
Urban Brew Coffee Pods

Just like a great story, my process has a beginning, middle and an end.

Once Upon a Time

Our story starts by setting the scene. Creative work is a fragile and involved process of deep research, creative thinking, idea generation, planning and strategization. To begin this process we must first introduce the characters and establish the relationship. I will dive into the core of your brand to get to know it from the inside out. Together, through dedicated brand discovery sessions we will set defined goals, draw out your brand values and establish your target audience. This is documented through a project brief and in-depth proposal.

Problem + Resolution

Time for our story to get interesting. Design is simply creative problem solving that spans far beyond the logo. Informed by the brief, I will analyse your problem and begin the creative process. Through further research, idea generation and concepting, I then will build your project from the brand up, using multiple creative strategies to tackle each angle. All great stories have a climax, in our case, our climax is the when you, the client, are presented with the strategy and concepts that will be the defining solution to transform your brand.

Happily Ever After...

In our story there are no Shakespearean tragedies. At the completion of our concepting stage, we now have a defined creative strategy to refine and implement that reflects your brand mission. Together, through well considered design, we will refine your your final project deliverables, leaving no stone unturned. As we conclude your project, we begin the roll out stage. Here I will support you each step the way by educating you on how to implement your strategy and by managing any platforms whether it be digital or print.

Spice up your brand experience. Let’s bring your ideas to life.

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